OMRON MicroAIR U100 Portable, Pocked-Sized, Silent Mesh Nebuliser


Medication container capacity: 10ml maximum.
Easy to assemble, simple preparation
Wide medication compliance

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Product Description

Respiratory infections and other respiratory conditions require frequent treatment for a speedy recovery. Traditional nebulisers are very effective, yet not very convenient when you are planning a nice day out!

At OMRON, we work for a world where we empower people to live the life they want and minimize the impact of health conditions. That’s why we have developed our new MicroAIR U100 portable nebuliser. Now you can take your medication wherever and whenever you need it.

Lower Airways Treatment:

MicroAIR U100 is designed to treat respiratory conditions of the lower airways such as Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, Bronchiectasis and Bronchopneumonia. With a Median Mass Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) of 4.5 μm, the MicroAIR U100 enables medication deposition into the lower airways.

Mesh Technology:

The MicroAIR U100 uses a unique mesh technology which makes it more efficient¹ and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulisers. The mesh is a small metal plate with 6000 microscopic holes. The liquid medication is pushed at high speed through the mesh, forming a visible mist of tiny aerosol droplets which is easy to inhale.

OMRON first pioneered this technology in 1994, and we’ve been refining and perfecting this concept ever since.


The mesh technology, unlike compressor technology in regular nebulisers, allows for silent formation of aerosol. You can use it discreetly without disturbing others.

360° Operation:

The unique design of the MicroAIR U100 enables inhalation in any position. Even while lying down in bed, making it easier and more comfortable for small children to use.

¹ Compared to most compressor nebulisers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Life: Approx. 4 hours
  • Weight: Approx. 200g (excluding batteries)
  • Dimensions: Approx. 45 (W) × 130 (H) × 60 (D) mm (Main Unit assembled with Medication Container and Mask Adapter)
  • Particle Size: MMAD 4.5 μm
  • Medication Container Capacity: 10ml Maximum
  • Sound: Approx. 20 dB
  • Nebulisation Rate: >0.25 ml/min
  • Aerosol Output Rate: 0.1 ml/min

1. Compared to most compressor nebulisers

Legal Disclaimer

NOT ALLOWED ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – Liquids over 100ml cannot be shipped outside UK

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Box Contains

OMRON Micro AIR U100 Nebulizer, Unit Cover, Medication Container, Mesh Cap, Mask Adapter, Mouthpiece, Adult Mask (PVC), Child Mask (PVC), Soft Pouch, Instruction Manual in 8 languages (EN,DE,ES, FR, IT, NL, RU, AR), Quick Setup Guide, 2x Batteries (AA/LR6).

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Medication container capacity: 10ml maximum.
Easy to assemble, simple preparation
Wide medication compliance

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