Dual-Use Premium Travel Tray, upgrade play Tray(Car Seat Back Organizer) With Transparent Dry Erasable Top, Educational Drawing Paper Set, For Car, Stroller, Plane


【Multi-Functional Design】- The main board can be used as a car seat game and snack tray or lap table. The multi-pocket design and detachable storage compartment allow you to better classify...




What if the child is bored during the trip?
Travel trays are designed for children who are bored on the trip, which can bring them fun and attraction, and foster children’s independence so they can focus on their own small world without affecting their parents.

Dual-use premium travel tray features:
Travel Tray:
– Has a harder bottom and higher sidewalls to prevent toys and snacks from falling.
– Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.
– Foldable storage, does not take up too much space.
– Books, toys, can be placed to allow children to enter and learn at any time.
– Multiple pockets and a detachable storage grid allow for more flexible placement of your toys and more.
– Transparent dry erasable top surface is waterproof to prevent juice staining.
Car Seat Back Organizer:
– You can place an iPad for your child to watch a movie on the go and provide hours of fun for the trip.
– Two large net bags can store toys and other items for children to play.
– Put the lower plate down can use it as a kick pad.
– Two heights of arched rings on both sides for flexible adjustment of the height of the tray.

How to hang it behind the car seat?
1.Store the tray first. Then buckle the button to prevent the two sides from spreading.
2.Turn over to the other side, place the side with the transparent bag on the top, and press the button to secure it.
3.Then use our buttons on both sides to buckle with the arched ring.
4.Adjust the upper end of the strap to tighten and then hang it behind the car seat.

What are included in the package?
1 x Travel Tray
5 x Drawing Papers
6 x Pens
1 x Storage Bag

When using the pen to doodle on the top of the transparent dry erasable top, the doodle cannot be left for too long, otherwise it will be difficult to wipe clean.

【Multi-Functional Design】- The main board can be used as a car seat game and snack tray or lap table. The multi-pocket design and detachable storage compartment allow you to better classify items such as toys and snacks, and it is easy to store and carry. A good companion for your baby.
【Can Become a Car Seat Back Organizer】 – The tray can be changed to a car Seat Back Organizer, it has a pocket with a touch screen window that can be placed in an iPad, mobile phone or favorite photo. The adjustable shoulder strap with buckle is easy to install and you can secure the tray to the car seat quickly. And the lower board can be used as an anti-kick pad to keep the back of your car seat clean and tidy.
【Upgraded Transparent Dry Erasable Top】 – Use our pens to draw directly on the dry erase top, giving you a stress-free driving atmosphere when the kids enjoy the painting. Parents can also put their own questions in the transparent dry erasable top to let the children answer.The dry top surface is waterproof and can be easily wiped clean with a paper towel and can be recycled indefinitely.
【Educational Drawing Set】 – A set of educational drawing sets, including 6 colored pens and 5 educational painting drawings, will be provided to allow children to develop brain flexibility when they are drawings, enhance children’s hand-eye coordination, literacy, and know more numbers and color.
【More High Quality And Sturdy Materials】 – Using high-quality polyester fabrics, harder materials and higher sidewalls the items do not fall off easily when in use. Increase the width of the adjustment strap, and it will be more comfortable and does not put pressure on the shoulders, also more stable to fix on the seat.

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